Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who Moved My Tablet PC? (Not Cheese)

General Laptops in general have choices as compared to desktops. They are available in standard configurations from most of the major manufacturers. They can not be customized in a way desktop PCs can be as far as configuration, design, modularization and other options are concerned. 

Due to their compact size, the components are packed so tightly that manufacturer’s design will vary from each other and even for various models of the same manufacturer depending on the weight and size of the laptop. Weight and the Size are the two criteria that what all will lie inside the box and which components will be external devices. Due to this compact size and light weight these machines are comparatively costly as compared to corresponding native brothers “Desktops”. 

These machines have a different Service and Support schemes as compared to Desktops. Desktops are easy to repair, easy to diagnose the problem, so engineer does not mind coming at your place. But in most of the laptops, it has a carry in warranty meaning thereby that if you face any problem in the laptop, you need to carry in to the authorized service center. 

And you can not get it checked by an unauthorized engineer unless you want the warranty to get void. Laptops come in three variants, rather two – one is laptop or notebook and the other is tablet PC (might have heard of Toshiba tablet). Tablet PC is the one whose Screen you can rotate and place flat on your Laptop Keyboard base and use it for writing with an electronic pen and the handwritten stuff (text or drawing) goes inside your PC as an image file.

Basic Selection Features of Laptop while Buying Weight: If you want more mobility, you need to buy the lightweight Notebook. But mind you, lesser the weight, higher the price and higher is the external gadgets like Floppy disk, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and even sometimes Hard Disk. Size: Again smaller the size means more compact thus higher price and higher is the number of external gadgets. If you need a laptop for a person who moves little and has to work on his desk only, you can compromise with the size and weight and thereby reduce cost and increase internal gadgets. Cool Tip I had to replace a hard disk of one of the laptops from 20GB to 60GB, the 20GB spared was fetching very less pennies in buy back. So I bought a USB case (worth Rs.1500) and converted this 20GB Hard disk to 20GB USB movable media which has become my 20GB pen drive infact and huge enough to take backup of my important data lying in my laptop.

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