Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quality Speaks: Product Review: Wondershare Video Converter For Mac

Mac products are high in demand among Mac user’s community. Buying one format of audio or video media and finding oneself constrained to not able to play it on other audio/ video devices available is always a point of frustration for buyer. If you have an Apple Mac and suffer through the same frustration of not able to play Mac Video/ audio files on your other portable/ mobile devices, your frustration ends when you use Wondershare Video Converter.

Wondershare Video Converter has a capability of converting your Mac audio/ video (any format) for playback on any other portable/ mobile devices. If you are looking for flv to mov converter, Wondershare Video Converter is the ideal solution. It converts most of the audio/ video format files on Mac OS to desired formats. The converter does three things quite smartly. It converts any standard format audio/ video to any other standard audio/ video format. It converts high density (HD) video formats to any other high density or standard video format. It also has a capability of extracting audio from video to play it on audio portable/ mobile devices.

FLV to MOV is not the only thing that Wondershare Video Converter does. The beauty of product lies in its capability of producing output video for almost all possible portable/ mobile devices – like Windows, Blackberry, Android, PSP, Xbox, Zune; to name a few.

If you have to convert flv to mov you will definitely require Wondershare Video Converter. But the power of this product is far beyond what we have discussed so far. Wondershare Video Converter converts video compatible with most of the applications like iDVD, Adobe Premiere, Quick Time, iTune, iMovie. Besides this the product has another capability or feature of sharing the converted video on any of the popular social media, video sharing or personal blog site quite easily. The Wondershare Video Converter can easily share converted video to picasa web, youtube, facebook, myspace, tumblr or personal blog site.

Bulk files can be configured in a batch process for conversion with standard (default) or customized settings. It can quite easily play well with videos in terms of ripping, cutting, cropping or joining them. Real time preview is another best feature to select best options for optimized output. While playing video or previewing video, still pictures (snaps) in BMP or JPG formats also can be taken.

The actual product in real is far stronger than what has been described above clearly states highest level of quality in Wondershare Video Converter for Mac.

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