Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choosing a Computer Coaching Class: Run-Run@where-everyone-Runs

Is it difficult today to survive without knowing computers or is it just hype? If you can survive without knowing computers then look at your peers knowledge in computers. And if you know you can’t survive without knowing about computers then do you have clarity in mind what extent of knowledge is necessary for you to excel in your professional / personal life by acquiring this knowledge. what ever I mentioned above is totally vague, any one can argue – what do I mean by saying “knowledge of computer”? Am I talking about hardware or software and in case of any of these – up to what level? So let us understand some basic fundamentals of the game.

Do I understand what computer is
 Have a deep introspection what exactly the technology is and where all it fits in my aims of life. Now, at this point of time when the technology has rooted so deep in all aspects of life be it any ticket reservation, ticket status check, exams status, universities prospectus and course details, seats availability in universities, bills alerts and payments, online banking, online purchasing etc. etc. etc., then you can’t afford to keep yourself away from computers.

It has become part and parcel of daily life of almost every individual in one way or the other. But the point is at what stage of life I am in to understand how much I need to know. If you are a school student and also a computer geek (like our modernmukul) probably knowing all above will just be 1% of his total knowledge in computers. In that case the aim should be PhD or Masters in IT from Oxford, Ohio, any prestigious college/university of repute (including our IITs). And the best combination will be an add on of a MBA degree from an equally prestigious college of repute. If you are a Bank Manager, you still cannot do away without touching a computer.

A thorough knowledge of your business application and some spreadsheet applications would be a great asset to your job. Escaping away from this and depending upon your subordinates will be a big drawback. If you are a medical practitioner, knowledge of simple database and an application will boost your business if you maintain your patients’ records in your database and design report as per your requirements. Similarly if you are a designer, a thorough knowledge of some good design softwares will help you in scaling new heights in business which you can not get by depending upon your skilled manpower.

Do I have the flair
 Understanding the depth of urge of acquiring knowledge and its need is very important. If I am good at geography that does not mean I will be equally good in mathematics also. But if I am thrown in a pond and I have no other choice of survival, I have to learn swimming to keep me alive. Same thing happens here. Everyone knows about his/her capacity to understand a particular stream and the zeal with which he/she acquires it will depend on the fire in the belly.

Map your demand vs. supply
 How much do I need to learn as this area (or for that sake any subject) is an ocean. What and where to hit is very important. One of my friend working in accounts department as finance officer few years back just joined a computer course without knowing what exactly would be useful for his career. This computer was for a developer course meant for software professionals. He learnt development of packages in visual basic, java and pearl but could never use it as it was not matching with his job profile. Then he had two options whether to leave his accounts 7 years career and start from zero as a software professional else use this technology learnt in accounts. He could afford to do neither of the two. For earlier option, his career and growth was at stake and for second there was no opportunity for him as he was already at a responsible position in accounts in his company. He made a blunder by wasting a huge time and money in learning what he could not utilize anywhere and over a period of years he forgot all.

Find out if what you think as best Pathshaala is actually best
 Don’t go by the ad gimmicks in the media. Go into the depth to find out the correct institute with perfect faculty and with good rate of placements at good companies. Always consult the ex-students of that institute to understand before you decide to join one. Prefer not to pay the full amount in the beginning because later even if the institute turns out to be a bluff, it is next to impossible to get money back.

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