Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spyware: How To Avoid And Remove Spyware?

It is one of the newest killers on internet. It actually acts as a “Spy” means monitors what actually is happening on your computer, by tracking all your activities including the clicks of mouse, keys pressed, sites/web pages visited, local files accessed. Other variants of Spyware includes hijacking of web browsers, popping up additional browsers (unwanted/uncalled advertisements) or any other misbehavior thereby disturbing your normal working on PC up to such an extent that you get so much annoyed that you stop working on your PC. 

To have a first hand feel if your PC is infected with a Spyware, you need to regularly monitor your PC and get alarmed when you notice any kind of misbehavior. Best way is to download a good anti-Spyware and scan your PC regularly with the installed anti-Spyware. The choice and selection will vary from user to user depending on the comfort level provided by the product. None of the products are 100% perfect. But then you need to choose the best near to perfection. Don’t let your PC run without an anti-Spyware as it may create havoc for you if you frequently hook on to internet. At times it remains unnoticed and keeps on doing its work without showing any indications mentioned above. 

The important steps involved are:

1. Identification of a good Anti-Spyware: Most of the anti-Spywares are free and easily downloadable from the internet. You must download from a trusted site only as you may get a shock after installing it that the anti-Spyware itself is working as a Spyware for a particular site. Some of the most common anti-Spyware softwares are: - Yahoo Anti-Spy(that comes alongwith yahoo tools), - Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware (from Microsoft) - Spybot Search and Destroy - Lavasoft's Adaware..

2. Download the Anti-Spyware Software: After you make up your mind for the right kind of product, download it from the respective site.

3. Install the Anti-Spyware Software: After downloading, install it.

4. Run the program: Now run the installed program to check how many Spywares your system is having already. You will have to choice to remove selective or all. Act accordingly. 

But the story does not end here. You will need to carry out following activities to regularly keep your PC out of trap of Spywares..

1. Update the Spyware list regularly: All anti-Spyware programs will have this option of updation of Spyware signatures from  their respective links. So don’t forget to do this activity after every few days (I do it everyday) (and don’t forget to connect to internet to carry out this activity). Some programs do it automatically while others will need activation manually. Better update your anti-Spyware updation and Spyware database on daily basis.

2. Run the  program regularly: Installing and Updating will have no meaning if this program is not run regularly. Do it atleast once a day. Some programs may have schedulers inbuilt, where  you can schedule by giving the option of running everyday at a particular time (choose the time at which most of the time your PC is on). Else you need to run it manually, but make sure that it happens regularly.

3. Understand the Anti-Spyware program thoroughly: Some of the advanced Anti-Spyware products have advanced features like locking of browser properties or tracking of activities, locking of files so that no change happens to the selected files without your approval. Turn those features on according to your need and security required. Putting them on for all files may give you discomfort. Select system files and your important files lying on your PC. 

Good luck – incase a Spyware sneaks past your Anti-Spyware loaded on the PC. And last of all keep your fingers crossed and stay alert to spy the Spyware

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