Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Navigation Problem On Motushut.com

This post of mine was published way back on March 6, 2006 regarding Mouthshut.com navigation issues at that point of time.

I appreciate the effort to support the consumer community by building a strong and beautiful site called ’’Mouthshut.com’’, but i want to focus today on the site itself. I am an above average user of internet and most of the time am able to understand any new website and browse appropriately for the purpose for which I have to navigate on that site. 

Apparently on mouthshut.com i found some problem of navigation. I wanted  to post my reviews on my savings account experience with some bank and i had to spend around 15-20 minutes to understand to hit at the right target. Ultimately I was able to post my reviews but most of the time I get lost on this site I dont know why and how. I think I should visit this site more often and get more familiar with the site. 

Maybe I have to visit more to this site to get more friendly with the pages and contents. I hope others do not get lost like me and get to the point where they want to reach in no time.

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