Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review On Axis Bank (formerly UTI Bank): Harnessing Technology For Service

Few days back got my renewal notice for ULIP payment which gets due in Jan every year. Since I do most of my payments (BSES Rajdhani, Airtel, LIC, Citibank Credit Card, MTNL, Touchtel) through internet on my bank website, wondered if I could pay my ULIP due also through internet. Checked on various gateways – Citibank, ICICI, Billjunction.com (it ultimately uses Citibank Gateway only) and UTI site also to find if I could pay online through my debit or credit card. Alas, could not find a single place where ULIP payment provision was there. 

All of a sudden the slogan on the envelope of UTI came into sight in which I received my renewal notice. Boldly it was printed there – “Harnessing Technology for Service”. We Indian (especially government) organization shout loudly and deliver little. On one hand we have any foreign bank with extra ordinary and outstanding unbeatable technology services (no doubt few Indian banks also in the fray but how much competitive they are and how much successful, I don’t want to comment on it.). 

I really don’t understand why really we don’t want to adopt and accept new well established and well proven technologies which are successful all over the world. May be we are happy with little progress and more manual work. Otherwise in today’s scenario there are turn key projects which get your systems established within no time, provided you are clear what you want. Is UTI backed by “UTI Technology Services Limited” really “HARNESSING TECHNOLOGY FOR SERVICE”. Which technologies? What kind of harnessing? For Service to whom? God knows!

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