Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choosing A Right Kind Of Anti-Virus

I know a regular PC-user who is using the best brand of anti-virus but has disabled on-line protection to avoid pop-up alarms indicating some infection. He has enabled autoupdate feature and very sincerely his computer start connecting to the site to update the latest patches the moment he connects to internet, but he likes to cancels it in between and closes it just because it slows down his initial browsing.

So the crux of the matter is – “it is not only the best of the product uploaded on your computer, but a lot depends on how you configure it and use it. Viruses or virii, spyware, adware, popups are a big headache for all computer users. And the problems are increasing multifold every year. But one for all query would be which is the best anti-virus. I would say there is no clear winner in this case. 

No single package can save your computer from all kind of robbers mentioned above. The choice may vary from person to person. Same product may satisfy one set of people and cause dissatisfaction among others. Switchovers are there until you achieve nirvana (satisfaction). You have a choice among Best brands vs. not so well known brands Purchased vs. free downloads Many a times it has happened that the best of best brands itself gets infected and stops functioning. 

At times one product is able to diagnose the virus but is not able to remove it. Then if you use another product it will remove the virus diagnosed by the earlier product. Or sometimes none of the products are able to fix it and your hard disk gets crashed. Many a times some unpopular product will fix it where all good branded products fail. So it creates a big confusion and rather frustration. But all said and done, never use your computer without an anti-virus. Now the question that arises is what product should you use? 

All the brands which are well known in the market are equal. None of them is perfect and all will be about 95-99% effective. If you are buying a branded machine, you get it alongwith your machine for the first one or three years depending on the deal available. Before you plan to install a product, and before arriving at a conclusion to buy a particular product always have a second opinion: Do consult the existing known users what product they are using and how much satisfied they are go through current magazines, sites to get to know the current threats and the solutions available Check surveys available in magazines and internet Check with your techie friends 

Check the recommendations available in magazines and internet Whatever product you use, some key points should be followed always as listed below: Always use a current version of anti-spyware / anti-virus Update / Upgrade it regularly Download of latest patches/fixes regularly Avoid browsing untrusted sites Use P2P sites only where very necessary else they become a big source of your headaches without alarming you So whatever product you install, it will never be 100% perfect. If it is 98% perfect for the balance 2% do your prayers regularly by keeping your computer on your side. I have expressed my views, and would appreciate your valuable comments on the same.

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