Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take A Wise Decision While Taking Broadband Connection

When you decide to go for a broadband connection which is obviously better than a dial-up connection, you must see the return of investment whatever small amount you are going to invest. a dial-up connection 

Is required where you connect for 1 hour or so once a week and thats it. there you don’t require broadband. Broadband is required mainly for heavy users, probably who know how to utilise it, may be downloading, online gaming, bill paying, browsing, chatting, online music / radios, mailing etc. This requirement may be in home, SOHO, small office, or a big industry.

Always have minimum but best players with you. You have a phone at home already (land line), check with your phone service provider if they provide broadband, ask them the nearby customers from whom you can get the feedback, it may be touchtel, sify, mtnl, bsnl etc. 

If this feedback comes negative then do the same exercise for other providers. Once you are satisfied with a reliable feedback (check that the feedback person is using the connection for more than 4 months), then maybe decide to surrender your current land-line and go for a new connection that comprises of a broadband internet connection as well a land-line number. and both run parallel now a days. Airtel is good or MTNL is good may not be universally true. It may depend on geographical location also. MTNL has come up with very lucrative options but only problem there is it is a sarkari office where you don’t know whom to contact for what? Because the person sitting there is smart enough to never let a government office come up to a standard of a professional private company.

I am using airtel since last 18 months. When I took this connection, MTNL broadband was not there in my area and they were planning to start in next few months. Being not sure about there commitment, I decided not to wait for them to come and surveyed for the best player in the area. I found Airtel as best, surrendered my MTNL landline, took airtel broadband (landline + unlimited internet) and am quite satisfied with it. it has never been down since beginning. Whenever I logged in ( I use it almost daily for atleast 3-4 hours), it was available to me. speed was never an issue but on a few occasions. The cabling and installation was fantastic. 

I had an option of sify too at that time and in fact I had placed an order with sify first, but when they started putting their cables through poles and trees, cable swinging in the air, I dropped the idea. I preferred airtel because they have done all underground cabling with fibre backbone which is going to serve for years to come without fail.

One problem in bill paymentI face is that all airtel outlets do not accept payment of broadband connection through credit card. In fact the two outlets are still different - one for broadband and the other for mobile. I fail to understand why it is like that.

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