Friday, December 22, 2017

Intelligent Ways To Find Out The Best Water Purifier In India

What questions would come to your mind while buying a water purifier? Obviously, whenever we decide to buy such kind of devices, there is an automatic research process that starts happening in mind. Generally, there is a kind of tussle that starts taking place between heart and mind. The heart might fall prey to intangible benefits that might have the least value in logical or commercial terms. But the mind will always question the quality and tangible benefits that play a major role in life. On the similar front, this research starts taking shape of search. We start talking about it with family and friends to find out what could be the best options to go for. A step ahead is searching on the internet, visiting relevant websites, reading relevant stuff on forums etc. to arrive at a conclusion.
Best Water Purifier In India

After all, when you plan to buy, it has to be the best. As we all know, getting pure drinking water is one of the serious issues in India. Water supply is far below the standards of quality of hygiene our body demands. Most of this water comes from lakes and rivers. And we all are well conversant about the condition of our lakes and rivers. Hence, there is a regular need of purification of water at home before we think of consuming it. Pollution has already changed the whole paradigm of our environment. The number of diseases and ailments as a result of impure water are increasing at a tremendous pace. After all, it is the question of the health of our family members. And health, I am sure, stands as a top priority for all of us.

Best Water Purifier In India

That raises the requirement of finding out the best water purifier in India. Because question is not just to buy a device for the purpose. It has to purify water effectively. 

Best Water Purifier In India

Finding a suitable and effective water purifier is important. As a consumer, we find many confusing factors while choosing the best water purifier in India. In fact, it is critical to know the right criteria and judgment mechanism for that. One should know what is the technology in use in the device for purification process. Whether it is RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), or UF (Ultra Filtration)? The selection of right technology is a must. It should match with your locality and environment requirements. Then, next important factor is the storage capacity. Such factors are important to introspect, probe, and discuss to decide the best water purifier in India. After all, it is the question of your family's health. And who else will take care of it, if not you?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

BlackPepper Technologies Acquires SiMASK Technologies

BlackPepper Technologies Acquires SiMASK Technologies

BlackPepper Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Acquires Bangalore-based SiMASK Technologies, an Analog Design Company. The announcement comes as an exciting factor because SiMASK Technologies is a leading player in the Analog Design arena. The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) association says the global semiconductor market is mounting to be a US$347 billion by 2017. Interesting point is that Analog Design segment constitutes a major percentage of this market.

Jei Narayanan, Chief Operating Officer, BlackPepper is happy with this acquisition as over the years BlackPepper has created a core expertise in Design, Verification, Synthesis/ STA, DFT, PD, Package Design, AMS, IP Vendoring and Post Silicon Validation (PSV). With the addition of SiMASK team into theirs will add a humongous strength in their offerings in the Analog & Mixed Signal space especially in their key stronghold area of complete turnkey implementations.
BlackPepper Technologies Acquires SiMASK Technologies

BlackPepper is a known name in VLSI design service providers segment with a significant presence in the semiconductor industry as reported by Manivannan M, Founder & CEO of SiMASK. The company has its key expertise in the Analog and RF (Radio Frequency) domains are all set to complement and extend BlackPepper's reach in turnkey silicon business. He further added that the key purpose together is to gain a high amount of customer satisfaction and further depth in innovative techniques to align values and purpose thus achieving higher penetration in the market in this segment. With this handshake, the expertise level of SiMASK will not only broaden but there will also be a substantial expansion in their client base thus helping in the enhancement of their research and development capacity. Hopefully, the two will sustain their exciting journey for a long run in order to achieve their primary goals together.

BlackPepper Technologies is considered to be a new generation, Silicon to System Design Company that is well focused on providing differentiated product engineering capabilities across the horizon of worldwide semiconductor companies. It's unique EYWA technology platform is known for delivering complete turnkey solutions from Architecture to implementation to high volume manufacturing with near to accurate prediction of cost, TAT and reliability.

SiMASK Technologies has its core strengths in Analog Design, Layout and automation. It has proven record in successful implementations that include blocks like PLL, ADC, USB, DAC, and SERDES on technology nodes down to 14 FinFET. Some of the prominent customers are Mediatek, Avago, IBM, and E-Silicon.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Landmine Defusing Challenge at ICRA Sweden selects Sastra Robotics for Finals

In Landmine Defusing Challenge, "Team Autobots" got selected into the finals of HRATC conducted by ICRA in Sweden. Sastra Robotics & QBotics Labs, two separate robotic startups from Kerala who joined hands to build the Team Autobots. Indian team has thus landed into the finals of the Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technology Challenge (HRATC). The team that is participating on behalf of the Indian startup is named Autobots. ICRA is the reputed robotics conference. HRATC is a competition conducted by ICRA in association with SIGHT (Special Interest Group for Humanitraian Technology) under IEEE.

Landmine Defusing Challenge at ICRA Sweden selects Sastra Robotics for Finals

The International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA) aims to bring together the top scientists and researchers engaged in cutting edge robotic technologies. ICRA 2016 is organized to take place in Stockholm, Sweden from May 16th to 21st. As reported by the UN Mine Action Service, landmines are responsible for killing at least 15,000 to 20,000 people every year having a majority of children in this count. Minesweeping is quite dangerous in terms of being time intensive and abrupt. A large number of landmines that have been left behind by soldiers continue to increase terror and destruction of human lives long after the wars have been called off or finished.

Landmine casualties, in fact, bring an additional and substantial burden on war-stricken countries. For instance, if a mother gets killed or mutilated by a landmine makes her entire family at risk of disease and malnutrition. This, in fact, impacts on generations to come, in such cases. Similarly, a child when gets mutilated by a landmine creates a burden on its family, society, and health services of the country thereby impounding impact on the nation as a whole.

The Humanitarian Robotics and Automation Technology Challenge (HRATC) aims to search and diffuse hidden unexploded landmines with the use of robotics and without human interventions so as to increase efficiency and decrease risks. Autobots, the team created by Sastra Robotics & QBotics Labs, from Kerala, to accept this challenge has been rated among the top 4 teams participating globally. The final 4 teams that made to the finals of the challenge will now be competing further for the top position. Autobots currently is with the leading score among the 4 finalists. The team consists of robotics experts from QBotics Labs and Sastra Robotics. QBotics Labs specializes in robotics research and Sastra Robotics specializes in robotic arms for testing of high-end devices. The members of Autobots team include Lentin Joseph (CEO/ Founder of QBotics Labs) who is also leading the team, Achu Wilson (CTO/ Co-Founder of Sastra Robotics), and Chandykunju Alex (Robotics Engineer, Sastra Robotics).

The Solution designed by Autobots team is to detect the presence of landmines with accurate position (latitude, longitude) using all-terrain robot, Husky. Husky is not developed by the Team Autobots or any of the contestants. It is developed and manufactured by some company under the guidance of SIGHT. The first half of Husky is the hardware, and that is taken up by SIGHT. The second half of Husky is the software application that makes it do landmine detection and being autonomous at doing it; this is done by the contesting teams. Team Autobots and the other teams made the software half of Husky, not the hardware half. Accuracy and efficiency are the keys that define Husky's work style.

This is definitely a proud moment for Indian Robotics to get such recognition at the  global level. The final round is on May 17th.

Update as of June 1st: Team Autobots has won 1st prize in HRATC at ICRA-2016.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

2D3DFloorPlanCompany Offers Interactive 3D Floor Plans

2D3DFloorPlanCompany Offers Interactive 3D Floor Plans
Floor plan of the first floor of the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone having a connection with real estate industry understands the importance of 2D and 3D floor plans. brings high quality and interactive 3D floor plans. The importance of these floor plans is quite important as the photo-realistic plan caters to the requirement of having interactive apartments and properties in real estate industry. The is offering high quality, creative and interactive 2D and 3D floor plan services at the most affordable prices. These plans are created by highly experienced and talented 3D floor plan designers at par with the expectations of customers. The 3D interactive plans produced by these professionals have been well appreciated by customers who acknowledged that these plans were created as per their imagination which they wanted and what they think about their dream home or office.
2D3DFloorPlanCompany Offers Interactive 3D Floor Plans
Floor plan of the ground floor of the White House. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To make these 3D plans more appealing, the designers put interior decorations for the apartment like wall colors furniture, doors, windows, bathroom, kitchen, and living room setup just in the way that matches with a real apartment. This is achieved with the help of latest software and designing technologies. Definitely, emerging technologies are helping industries like never before. The professionally trained designers are proficient in completing over 800 3D floor plan projects including several home areas like bedroom, windows, living room, interior walls, doors, larger closet, bathroom, shower, sink, kitchen area, electrical appliances, and so on.

On the customer front, a customer is quite happy to show photo-realistic and interactive 3D view of his home in the form of a small model with the help of 2D and 3D floor plans. It helps customers to convince their renters to project the full setting of the apartment without visiting the site. That saves a lot of logistics hassles including time and money.

Additionally, if a customer wants to build a home on a self-designing concept, he can ask 2D3DFloorPlanCompany to build a 3D floor plan before beginning the actual construction. With the help of photo-realistic and interactive 3D floor plans, buyers or renters are getting aligned in a smoother manner by getting more accurate view of an apartment or property without visiting the site physically. And when you have 3D plan available visually, there is no requirement of describing it in words and building imaginary pictures about the location.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Breakfast Alchemy from Mettl – A Replica of Arthurian Round Table

The Breakfast Alchemy from Mettl is an attempt of replicating an Arthurian round table for the HR community in an innovative way. Mettl is recognized as a premiere talent assessment and measurement organization in India. The Breakfast Alchemy will witness top HR leaders uniting to fight against increasing challenges that are creating hindrances to the future outcomes in the industry.

The Breakfast Alchemy from Mettl – A Replica of Arthurian Round Table

The unique step taken will enable HR fraternity an insight into looking at things from a different set of perspectives, from all directions and then finding out the most feasible and defect free solution for the core issues. The inaugural issue of The Breakfast Alchemy is scheduled for April 28. This will be one-and-a-half hour program starting 10:00 AM. The opening serial theme is Increasing High Performer – New Hire Ratio in BFSI. The participants would include big name companies from BFSI and related sectors – banking, insurance, and finance – that will include representation from PNB Metlife, Indiabulls, Max Life Insurance, Religare, and PNB Housing for brainstorming and talking about various aspects possible on the subject to draw out the best possible solutions.

As the attrition rate is increasing consistently, it has become a point of concern at a high scale. There is a tremendous slowdown in the industry with a target of negative bias for new career opportunities. The timely presented program from Mettl will help many industries in this regard to understand the real issues behind the curtain and how to overcome them. The program will be in case study format so as to get the fruitful insights from the HR veterans in the industry.

The Breakfast Alchemy has many unique aspects, the foremost being its ease of access. The event is free and moreover it will be streamed online so that the top HR executives, and various other stakeholders like Business Partners, L&D (Learning and Development), Talent Acquisition, etc. can tune in at their own comfort and ease.

Mettl has gone a step ahead to make these recordings available in the form of videos that will be available to all registrants after the event. This will help those who are unable to attend the event or watch its live streaming.

The well thought of title is of the event is in anticipation that the Human Resource leaders would act as experts like alchemists to forge gold, thereby finding a solution to the top most burning issues of the industry, using their years of experience.

Mettl is know for establishing an increase in the new hire-high performer ratio by deploying custom assessments for over 30 industries across the country. The Breakfast Alchemy intends to ensure to build up a new set of practices from the alchemists in the BFSI sector that will help creating parallels for a strong human capital framework.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

FinSmart Personal Wealth Management e-learning Brought by Finsafe

Finsafe is on a mission of creating intelligent investors trained throught e-learning. The company has recently launcheed an e-learning modile FinSmart eqipping all keen in learning about personal wealth management. FinSmart is a fully scalable learning app that you can download in your smartphone and keep learning at your desired time and pace. It is a useful tool to facilitate all aspirants to learn to stay abreast and equally useful for professionals to brush up their tanks of knowledge.
FinSmart Personal Wealth Management e-learning Brought by Finsafe

An e-learning module FinSmart launched by Finsage India Private Limited delivers exhaustive knowledge about personal wealth management. The duration of this module is pretty cool. It is just 2 hour long module launched with an intent to educate people on how to make the most of their disposable income.

The module covers fundamentals of investment and deep insights on relevant subjects like inflation, risk, and compounding. There are many investment tools in the market like mututal funds, insurance, pension, and debt instruments but before you make a call on investing on any of these tools, you need to understand the factors affecting them. That is where this tool becomes handy that makes you understand well on these tools describing them in depth. You will also learn how to manage your personal and comprehensive financial planner. A model portfolio is generated for you during the module. You are also facilitated for making online investments.

FinSmart has won the CNBC Grand Jury Award in acclamation for the work done towards Financial Inclusion & Education in 2015. FinSmart was launched by Mrin Agarwal who is also the co-founder of Womantra. Womantra is a training program targeted in enhancement of financial awareness among women. So far, Womantra has certified over 5000 women among 40 organizations across India during last 2.5 years. The purpose behind these training sessions conducted by Womantra is that most young professionals in India are not equipped well with the knowledge required to achieve their financial aspirations. That emerged as a critical need to raise financial awareness and inclusion.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Medical Illustrations Online at Unbeatable Price and Quality

Now you can buy the best quality Medical Illustrations online. These high quality medical illustrations come at an unbeatable price. All this now can be achieved here with no hassles involved. The Medical Illustration Company recently launched highly creative, cost effective, and high quality medical illustrations online. Among the relevant people in medical industry, education, and profession (or budding professionals), every one know the importance of a medical illustration in their business, trade, profession, or industry. These medical illustrations fulfill their requirement of highly precise graphic illustrations of various subjects that are connected to medicine and biology that they need to use in procedure pamphlets, textbooks, journals, medical books, educational books, and so on.

Medical Illustrations Online at Unbeatable Price and Quality

The Medical Illustration Company has an experience of creating over 100 illustrations on a per day basis. Soon after its launch it has become quite popular among the relevant people that it has catered to the need of more than 1100 doctors as well as medical researchers with their demand of out-of-box illustrations. The company assures complete satisfaction to each of its clients to its fullest extent without any compromise with the quality, delivery, and cost. With such commitment available online, one can now find premium quality medical drawings and illustrations quite easily. The company also offers a fully dedicated unlimited revisions support that goes in compliance with the experienced and highly competent medical illustrators.

Medical Illustrations Online at Unbeatable Price and Quality
User testimonials on the site are quite encouraging thereby supporting the mission of the company. One of the testimonial praises company's efforts working on complex image that he required with the changes made on it, and he got exactly what he wanted. The policy of the company says - “Pay for Exact What You Want”. Best of the tools available in technology like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are used to provide high quality and complete satisfaction. The expertise in drawing medical concepts without any deviation from technical guidelines are well kept in mind while delivering to a customer's needs of Medical Illustrations.