Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quality Speaks: Product Review: DRM Removal From iSkysoft

Let us discuss today about a product that has successfully passed all Quality Control check and is available off the shelf with a unique set of features imbibed in it. Quality Assurance speaks louder in such products because after launch product capabilities’ sustenance is quite important – more than product launch.

DRM is an abbreviation for Digital Rights Management. What exactly Digital Rights Management (DRM) is? It is supposed to be a access controlling agent to any digitized copyrighted matter. What that means is if your contents in digital form are important and need to be protected, it is DRM that comes into picture to do that task. DRM in general controls a user’s authorities over digital media (hardware, disk etc.).

A classical example is if you have bought a Blu-Ray and want to copy its contents on your other music device having internal memory, it does not allow. Reason is DRM.
iSkysoft’s DRM Removal for Windows is a product that gives you a freedom of sharing DRM audio and video files without any violations of law. A DRM WMV file or files can be shared legally on different digital media devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Xbox, PSP, Symbian, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, PS3 or for that sake any other mobile or portable media device.
DRM Removal works on all current available Windows platforms viz. Windows XP/ 2000/ 2003/ Vista/ Windows 7. The function of this product is to disable or remove DRM restrictions from any audio/ video file(s). Once you remove DRM from WMV the files become plain and playable on any portable/ mobile media device.

DRM Removal for Windows is a legal crack available for debarring of DRM protection from media files in any format like M4P, M4V, M4B, WMV, WMA etc. It can remove DRM from a number of files in a batch also. In fact the product has a special feature of removal of DRM and conversion to different format in a batch process that can be set easily. With settings control panel, the output and input can be controlled and optimized in a personalized manner.

It is quite interesting and easy to remove DRM WMV and have desired outputs for desired media. Some other useful features of this product are extraction of audio from video files for the resultant files to be played in any audio player. DRM Removal besides supporting normal video formats, supports most of the high definition video formats for conversion and removal purposes.

So many features in any product are not built in a day. It is high focus towards quality that derives out such products.

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