Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Improving Your Computer's Performance: Five Trusted Companions For Your PC

1. Operating System: Run your PC with latest OS be it MS, Linux or Mac. If you have a legal version, upgradations will not cost much (Linux is free but then you need to be extra smart to operate it as windows is more user friendly). Don’t forget to connect to their websites to download latest critical patches/updates. You can use auto-update feature if you are using Microsoft OS. Prefer to have a legal OS as it is the driver of your vehicle 

2. Office Suite:  Select an appropriate Office Suite based on your needs. You have a number of free Office Suites available on the net but then support and compatibility becomes a hiccup. And moreover the ease that we have with Microsoft is unbeatable. 

3. Internet: Today’s life is not possible without internet. You have to go for it for any purposes out of – chat, email, browsing, net banking, internet telephony, e-shopping etc. etc. etc. so you need to have a good powerful browser like IE or Netscape. 

4. Antivirus: A big no-no for running internet on your PC without an appropriate antivirus. You have many available over the internet for free. Online scanning also is possible but will be time consuming. A regular update and upgradation is very-very important. Never run your PC without a proper antivirus active with latest signatures/patches/updates. 

5. Email Software: If you are not worried about the time spent on internet, you can read, write your emails online without configuring any software on your PC. As these accounts will be on internet server. All your mails will reside out of your computer. This account you can have from any service provider like Yahoo, Google etc. at no cost. But if you want to download your mails on your PC, want to read them off-line, want to reply off-line then you need to have a suitable software installed in your PC. Microsoft outlook comes with MS Office. Outlook express is bundled with MS Operating System. There are plenty available on net for download at no cost but then question comes is of friendliness, reliability, usability, features…..

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