Friday, April 15, 2016

Invezta Robo Advisory Platform with First Zero Commission Robo Advisor

Invezta is a unique Robo Advisory Platform with India’s first Zero-Commission Robo-Advisor. The concept is to pay only if it works model. The solution comes from Valuefy Solutions. The financial firm specializes in MF (Mutual Fund) research and analysis on a strongly built technology platform. With the launch of its Robo Advisory Platform, the company enables retail investors to invest intelligently in various mutual fund schemes. This is a first of its kind robo advisory platform in India with a unique kind of commission model. All the advisory services are based on this model.

Invezta Robo Advisory Platform with First Zero Commission Robo Advisor

The investor interested in retail investments will go for the direct plans of different mutual fund schemes having zero commissions. This way the investor is offered lowest possible expense ratio if compared with the regular plans available in the market, online or offline, elsewhere. The company commits to charge zero commission or kickbacks from the investor’s fund that ensuring unaltered and unbiased investment advice to the customer.

The main hassle for any investor comprises of a number of hidden fee and charges that you are never educated upfront. It comes to the knowledge of an investor only after the investment is done and certain fee and commission are charged on each investment. That makes it a unique model of advice to the customer with no biasing involved.  Invezta is formed on these grounds to thrash out such pains to the investor with a goal of investor centric portfolio management built on a world class technologically driven platform with minimal or no cost is thrown on the investor.

Invezta Robo Advisory Platform with First Zero Commission Robo Advisor

The investor gets a best matching advice that is based on investor’s portfolio, product suitability, and investor’s choices to scale out the optimum risk assessment model in a customized manner. Invezta is built on a state of the art quality and technological model advisory platform for all variety of retail investors. The customized generated analytics for each individual provides unique insights to each individual in the manner same as used by the top class fund management firms across the globe. Thus, investors are empowered for best possible decision making and their internal assessment of the portfolio in a real-time environment.


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