Saturday, April 23, 2016

FinSmart Personal Wealth Management e-learning Brought by Finsafe

Finsafe is on a mission of creating intelligent investors trained throught e-learning. The company has recently launcheed an e-learning modile FinSmart eqipping all keen in learning about personal wealth management. FinSmart is a fully scalable learning app that you can download in your smartphone and keep learning at your desired time and pace. It is a useful tool to facilitate all aspirants to learn to stay abreast and equally useful for professionals to brush up their tanks of knowledge.
FinSmart Personal Wealth Management e-learning Brought by Finsafe

An e-learning module FinSmart launched by Finsage India Private Limited delivers exhaustive knowledge about personal wealth management. The duration of this module is pretty cool. It is just 2 hour long module launched with an intent to educate people on how to make the most of their disposable income.

The module covers fundamentals of investment and deep insights on relevant subjects like inflation, risk, and compounding. There are many investment tools in the market like mututal funds, insurance, pension, and debt instruments but before you make a call on investing on any of these tools, you need to understand the factors affecting them. That is where this tool becomes handy that makes you understand well on these tools describing them in depth. You will also learn how to manage your personal and comprehensive financial planner. A model portfolio is generated for you during the module. You are also facilitated for making online investments.

FinSmart has won the CNBC Grand Jury Award in acclamation for the work done towards Financial Inclusion & Education in 2015. FinSmart was launched by Mrin Agarwal who is also the co-founder of Womantra. Womantra is a training program targeted in enhancement of financial awareness among women. So far, Womantra has certified over 5000 women among 40 organizations across India during last 2.5 years. The purpose behind these training sessions conducted by Womantra is that most young professionals in India are not equipped well with the knowledge required to achieve their financial aspirations. That emerged as a critical need to raise financial awareness and inclusion.

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