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Press Release: Samsung Forum 2014: Launches Food ShowCase Refrigerator

Samsung Launches Food ShowCase Refrigerator
at Samsung Forum 2014

Innovative ShowCase and InnerCase Design Makes Food Organization Easy and Enjoyable 

BALI, Indonesia – February 18, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today launched its new Food Showcase refrigerator at Samsung Forum 2014 held in Bali, Indonesia. Its innovative design provides smart separation in the refrigerator area with two layers of doors: the ShowCase for instant access of frequently used items and the InnerCase for ingredients that require longer storage.

The ShowCase section is four times bigger than a conventional home-bar refrigerator, allowing consumers to store and instantly access food items such as snacks and drinks. The InnerCase holds larger and fresh ingredients for a longer period of time.

“Consumers want quick access to stored items without spending too much time looking for them with the refrigerator door open,” said Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, Director – Sales Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics, India. “We learned this from research into consumer lifestyles, and combined the findings with our engineering and design expertise. The result was the perfect solution for every member of the family – the Food Showcase.”

ShowCase for Frequently Used Items
The ShowCase, which opens only the exterior door of the refrigerator, is designed to make organizing and consuming food as easy as possible for every member of the household. Once opened, people can find what they want with one simple glance. There are multiple customizable food compartments within the ShowCase: for sauces, drinks, snacks and others. Divided into three zones, each case could hold the following items depending on the needs of the family:

  The Cooking Zone (upper level) – cheese and sauces
  The Family Zone (mid level) – drinks and snacks
  The Kids Zone (lower level) – food items for younger children and others

Separating it into zones allows people to effectively organize and find food items. The Kids Zone, for example, is placed at the lower level of the ShowCase to provide easy access for children. Additionally, the lower cases are detachable and can be placed directly on the table, further enhancing convenience. The ShowCase also features a Metal Cooling door that effectively keeps cooled air within the refrigerator.

InnerCase for Preserving Food
The InnerCase is designed to store food items such as vegetables, meat and fruit. Unlike conventional refrigerators with a single cooling outlet for each the freezer and refrigerator, Samsung's innovative All-Around Cooling evenly cools every inch of the fridge as well as the freezer. Cold air is blown out through multiple outlets at every shelf level. As a result, the refrigerator area keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, and the freezer reduces freezer burn to maintain the quality of frozen food.

Ice & Water Dispenser
With its elegant stainless steel finish and clear, ice blue display, the Ice & Water Dispenser offers a simple way to stay cool. At the touch of a button users can enjoy a refreshing glass of chilled filtered water or fill a pitcher with cubed or crushed ice. The Ice Master is built into the door, delivering valuable extra space by freeing up two additional shelves in the freezer while still being able to store up to 2kg of ice. The detachable Ice Case is a freezer drawer that can be used to store extra ice and other frozen items. It can be quickly removed and used to serve ice without having to transfer the ice to a separate bowl.

Smart Digital Inverter Technology
Samsung also announced its Digital Inverter Technology incorporated into the Food Showcase, which improves energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting the compressor across seven RPM speeds in response to cooling demands. Whether frequent opening and closing of the refrigerator door, a hot plate of food being placed inside, or changes to the outside temperature, the compressor reacts rapidly and provides cold air or slows down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.  Thanks to this smart technology, results are big energy savings, less noise and exceptional durability. To back it up, the Digital Inverter Technology comes with a 10-year warranty.

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