Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 Gems For Project Managers From Book 5 Ancient Principles Of Leadership

5 Ancient Principles Of Leadership is a lovely read that you will enjoy for three reasons – it is crisp, it is short and it gives you a lot to learn. As a project manager this book written by Jack Myrick has some basic fundamental principles to teach you that if you employ in your professional life, will never let you down in terms of meeting your targets or managing your teams. This 87 pages book has been published by Jaico Publishing House and it is a fable of a ship builder.

Rule 1: Make Them Appreciated: Your team members are as important as you are for your organization. As a child needs pampering and feels happy about it, similarly your team members need to be appreciated. Appreciation gives a feeling of achievement, satisfaction and motivates one towards his goals.

Rule 2: See Their Potential, Not Their Flaws: Instead of keep cribbing about what not has been done, it is better to understand what each of your team member is best in and then give him/ her tasks according to their potential. Putting a person with perfection in one field put on to achieve success in another field might end up in a failure.

Rule 3: Lead With Authority, Not Power: Use of power generates revolts but using authority demonstrates a great leadership skill.

Rule 4: Love Them First: Before you assign them a task or wait for them to complete a task, it is important to make them feel that they are being loved whoever and whatever they are. Once the message is clear, it may lead to wonderful results.

Rule 5: Make Them Feel They Are Part Of Something Special

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DeViL on WheeLs... said...

Very rightly pointed out !! And in practice for last 1 year, I see it work wonderfully well...