Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wireframe Helps In Meeting Software Application Development Timelines

A wireframe is nothing but a blueprint for any sized software project in today’s corporate world. Think about a building on a land is first presented as a blueprint in order to explain the architecture and design of that building. The layout of the building is shown on this blueprint along with the components to be used for designing of this building. In a similar manner a wifreframe is an introspection of a software application in a layer by layer manner so that the application in question can be viewed/ reviewed from different angles.

A wireframe is a powerful tool to present a software application design and architecture in a crisp and clear way that enables you to understand it much strongly. An application can be referred to any business application, mobile application or website portal. A wireframe presents a 2 dimensional picture of your application in order to understand it more deeply and from different perspective.

A wireframe provides a visual map of your complete application so as to help you in see the application flow, navigation, correlation of various components of the application, linkages and associations. An application that is first presented through wireframe gives you a confidence about its flawless design, navigation and ease of use once you go through it and find out the gaps. A wireframe helps you to find out these gaps well in advance and hence assists you in completing your projects well in time with least amount of risks.

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