Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Have A Look At My New Minimalistic Style Home

O Home, 
Give me your soul
and take mine
so that you become my House
And I become your Heart!

I woke up in my dream yesterday night (or rather today early morning, as it is said that the early morning dreams have higher chances of becoming true!). There was a light blue streaming soothing light all around, universally scattered thereby making everything blue and blissful). I was totally mesmerized. There was a white God-like shape standing in front of me and asked me to ask for a wish from him. I thought for a while and then asked to wish my home to become a high-tech. And it was granted by giving me a secret link to land in the huge world of digital arena, internet, visit the place and select three best items to make my wish true.

Wow! Without bothering to go for another nap, I decided to land at the portal. First item that drew my attention was a simple and sweet looking Little India Pure Brass Antique Design Real Telescope Gift -157 that was so cute that I instantly decided to pick it up. Reason was to search for God every night in the sky, find him and talk to him for a while. If not, then at least I will have God's representatives - Moon, Galaxies, Stars etc. to gossip around.

Next to steal my attention was a beautiful, gorgeous and gregarious MeSleep Red Monument Digitally Printed Cushion Cover so bright that it looked sure to bring a permanent brightness in my life. 

Since next item had to be my last one as per my wish granted, I struggled a lot among the variety of items available there to ultimately zero down to an ultimate piece 925 Silver Indian Traditional Silver Night Lamp - 15104 which I named as my Life Lamp. 

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