Friday, December 13, 2013

Short Story: When Lord Ram Used Most Admired Tablet In Satyug To Find Sita

It was shocking for Ram and Lakshman both to know that Sita has been kidnapped by Ravan with the help of his tantrums in which he got assisted by his uncle Marich. Ravan and Marich made a game plan to move Ram and Lakshman from the location and then as per plan disguised Ravan had to kidnap Sita in which he was 100% successful.

It was an impossible for Ram to find out, at first instance, who had kidnapped Sita and where had she been taken. And that is when Ram took out a device that was given to him by Lord Shiv when they had met last. This was an advanced tablet that was Wi-Fi, GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth enabled with high speed processor, superb screen resolution and with state of the art multimode facility along with extra-long life battery. At that time there was no names for these devices as those were produced through special powers Lords carried but Lord Shiv told Lord Ram, while handing over that tablet that in Kalyug during the end of the year 2013 there will be similar device that will create waves all across the globe.

Lord Shiva told that since I have produced it with my yogic powers, its name would be Yoga and shall be produced by a powerful industry leader in technology. It was this tablet with the help of which Lord Ram could locate Lanka, Ravan, Sita and strategize his master plan to get Sita released from Ravan. The tablet at that time played a major role in winning the battle against Ravan.

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How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. I LOVED this story.. never thought one could put this spin on the tablet..