Sunday, December 15, 2013

5 Top Features I Would Look For In A Website

What You Look For In A Website On The Internet:

Speed: Speed has always mattered most in any person’s life. Now in world of advanced technology with high bandwidth, excellent design tools, accelerators and other optimization techniques, the expectations have gone manifold. I remember at times, when I have typed url of a new website I decided to visit, on someone’s recommendation or search engine results, and if it takes too much time to load even partially, I just close it as the first impression for such site has gone totally negative even if the issue is with my bandwidth. Hence a website designer has to be innovative enough to ensure that website works at excellent speed even at low throughputs. And there are many ways of achieving it.

Design: Design is the first thing that hits on your mind the moment home page of the url you typed in your browser gets loaded, is the design and appearance. If it appeals, you would go further to explore it. But if it is cluttered and not at all appealing, probably first thing you will do is to click on the ‘x’ on top right. Page size, scroll decisions etc. make a big difference on a website page. Option of opening of the desired website on multiple browsers is an important factor these days.

Content: Content is the next big thing to meet expectations of the website visitor. Though it is difficult to meet every visitor’s expectations but then there needs to be a protocol followed to ensure that the content is as relevant, realistic, appealing and beautifully presented. There are lots of things to keep in mind while taking care of this aspect like text, font size, font theme, presentation (bold, italics, underline etc.), spellings, grammatically correct etc.

Navigation: This is what can either enhance visitor’s experience or mar the mood. Relevant tabs, content on those tabs, the ease with which cursor moves etc. is something that needs to be tested exhaustively at testing phase before releasing a website on live servers.

Availability: Internet is viral these days and is not limited to boundaries of time and zones across the globe. I might be an avid traveller and would expect my most visited websites to be available to me everywhere with same ease, comfort and speed. Even if I am not a traveller, still would expect the desired website to perform excellently, I browse it.

What Makes It Stand Out In The Millions Out There:

There are millions of new websites coming every year and half a million sites keep vanishing out. The reason of success of a website depends on top 5 features mentioned above. No doubt there are other things to keep in mind – like regular updates and having an interactive mode to keep in connect with your visitors for which the social connects can be taken help of.

Which Is My Favorite One And Why:

I have many favorite websites that I visit on a regular basis (at least more than twice a day). And those are my favorite because of all above 5 top features have been taken care of.

My favorite sites are:

  1. - for mailing
  2. – as I am an avid reader and always hunt for new books.
  3. – for getting real life views of users on various products.
  4. – to get information as and when required on any topic.
  5. – as I am an avid blogger.
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Anonymous said...

nicely summarized points. all the best for contest

Paresh Kale said...

Thats really helpful. One help needed. Can u help me in speeding up my blog? I dont know the reasons , As per Alexa load time is abt 9 sec and thats too muc :-)

Athenas Take said...

A must read for people like me.