Sunday, October 9, 2011

Akash (Sky) Launched On Earth In India

An Android based tablet PC for the mass student community of India has been launched named as ‘Akash’. Akash means Sky. It has been priced at USD 35 coming to approximately Rs. 1800 if put on the higher slab of dollar conversion. The aim is to enable the student community of India to get enabled to buy technology at a lower and affordable rate.

Tablet PC is something that commonly known as Tablet and technically dwindles between a full fledged computer and a smart phone. It therefore gives you ample power to play on it with technology and get conversant well before putting your hands on a PC. It also fulfills your aspirations and technology needs at a much affordable price.

India has not only proved their superiority in Technology, time and again, but also has given a wonderful gift to the children of India whose majority lies in not too rich segment. 

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