Saturday, November 22, 2014

An Education Portal CollegeDunia Where Quality And Performance Are At Peak

What must be the qualities of an education portal, like CollegeDunia, to qualify for Quality regarding its usability and end user comfort in all aspects. It should be easy to navigate, tabs must be well placed and equally meaningful, fast to load, tab links, information etc. In all these parameters, CollegeDunia qualifies well.

This education portal aims to become Zomato of education and soon, within next 6 months. Currently it lists around 700 colleges, offering 1500+ courses. Information provided is quite crisp and accurate. Each college has a rating and the courses being offered by the college.

Overall an effective portal. The search engine is quite impacting. Suppose you search for "IIT" you get a listing of 36 colleges, IIT Kharagpur being on the top.

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